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Natural Linen Wreath #8734 (1964)
Natural Linen Wreath #8734 (1964)
Natural Linen Wreath #8734 (1964)

Natural Linen Wreath #8734 (1964)

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Wreath #8734
By Kaisa Edström for Nordiska of Gothenburg, 1964. 

50 x 50 cm panel
Natural Linen
100% linen, hand printed in Sweden. Linen measures approximately 50 x 50 cm,
The design itself is 24 cm in diameter. 

Six simple stitches are used for Kaisa's wonderful leafy Wreath: 
Stem stitch, chain stitch, satin stitch,  lazy daisy, Y-stitch, blanket stitch and split stitch. 

Included in this kit is:

- Wreath linen panel, 50x50. 
- 10 colours of linen embroidery thread
- A handy stitch card showing Nordiska's 24 common linen stitches 
- A card with the original drawing from the archive
- A Wreath poster, circa A3 in size. 

The poster is a facsimile of the 1960’s instructional sheet, with a detailed drawing showing the colours and stitches used in the 60’s.  Although you will still need to decide where to add your 10 colours, the original chart will help you decide where to use light and dark shades.

Please note that the linen threads may come as single skeins or as a hank. If you would like to make a cushion, the backing fabric is listed HERE