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Cow Parsley 6069 by Nordiska (1961)
Cow Parsley 6069 by Nordiska (1961)
Cow Parsley 6069 by Nordiska (1961)
Cow Parsley 6069 by Nordiska (1961)
Cow Parsley 6069 by Nordiska (1961)
Cow Parsley 6069 by Nordiska (1961)

Cow Parsley 6069 by Nordiska (1961)

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Available kits: 3 per colour

*The current version we have is slightly larger than the 60s original. This kit uses a lot more threads than the original version, and the thread set contains very rare 1960s thread. The new price is reflected in that, but we kept it as low as possible. 

 If you would like to use your own thread selection and just order the print, it's available HERE

For the time being we are staying with these two options. 



Hundkex / Cow Parsley 6069 was launched as a pattern for a decorative cushion in the 60s. It's one of Nordiska's most well known designs from the time and it's embroidered in three weights of linen thread in 15 colours.
In the Swedish winter catalogues Cow Parsley was promoted as "enjoyable handcraft in waiting for Spring". 

The kit we have today includes: 

A hand printed linen panel, 50 x 50 cm
The design measures 40 x 33 cm

The threads we add to the initial kits (pre orders only) includes genuine 1960s linen thread:
Fine Linen (HV) or lace linen for delicate stitches for the cow parstey.
Regular linen thread for most of the kit
Hemstitch linen split into three strands for a varied texture as was common in 60s linen embroidery kits. 

The colours on the image are what we will pack into the kit:
around half vintage and half contemporary threads. The kit includes a copy of the original drawing from the archive, and a new, remade stitch chart. 

The kit also includes our usual stitch card, a chenille needle and we print this design on three colours: deep green, eggshell blue and our new favourite linen, unbleached.