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Birds in Tree Eyeglass Case
Birds in Tree Eyeglass Case
Birds in Tree Eyeglass Case

Birds in Tree Eyeglass Case

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Nordiska, 1960s
Design from an eyeglass case

Linen measures 25 x 25 cm
Design measures 5 x 14.5 cm

Instructional drawing from the 1960s,
a guide with four colours and a few simple stitches. Use stem stitch, split stitch, long and short stitch, lazy daisy and French knots to embroider it as Nordiska did. 

Please note:  this is not an eyeglass case kit, it is only the design we use. 
We have centered and printed the design without the outlines of the original case so that it can be used for many other projects and ideas.
If you would like to make an eyeglass case there is enough fabric for the cover to be folded, and a seam to be made on the back rather than the sides. 

All measures are approximate and may differ by a few millimetres.