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Linen, Tweed & Silk Box
Linen, Tweed & Silk Box
Linen, Tweed & Silk Box
Linen, Tweed & Silk Box
Linen, Tweed & Silk Box
Linen, Tweed & Silk Box
Linen, Tweed & Silk Box

Linen, Tweed & Silk Box

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A thread box full of useful new and interesting old materials to help with your mending, repair, patch and stitch,
all in beautiful soft tones. This is a series of three boxes, all slightly different. 

The fabrics are Donegal Tweed, vintage cotton and two shades of contemporary linen fabrics. Together the fabric pieces measure circa 30 x 30cm. 

In this box you will also find:

• 50 x 50 cm of our favourite Slate coloured linen that we use for our Nordiska archive prints

• 55+ meter variegated linen skein, a great smooth and strong thread. 

• Seven skeins of our contemporary linen embroidery thread, 14 meter each.

• A 1960's linen lace thread, a very beautiful, strong fine linen. 5 gram. 

• A skein of Nordiska's 60's linen thread

• A rare dusty orange Linblomman Hemstitch Thread. It's a stranded linen embroidery thread, a kind that has not been in production since the 1960's. It is 10 meter long, or 40 meter if used fully stranded. 

• Two spools of vintage silk:  these vary slightly in each box. 

• A skein of Coton a Broder, mid century. 

• A copper plate for monograms, circa 1905. 

• A mid century thimble

• Three chenille needles on a 60's paper cut, these little paper discs vary too. 

This sturdy paper box which comes gift wrapped with tissue paper and cotton bias tape.