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Slate Egg Warmer 8410D
Slate Egg Warmer 8410D
Slate Egg Warmer 8410D
Slate Egg Warmer 8410D

Slate Egg Warmer 8410D

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Nordiska of Gothenburg, early 1960's.

Designer: Ingrid Bjernefors Dahlman

Äggvärmare 8410D
Original colour: Soft green with teals, greens, turqoise and orange linen threads. 

Äggvärmare 8410D was designed by Ingrid Bjernefors-Dahlman.

Ingrid loved to paint and draw hens. 
Between 1960 and 1969, at least four different versions of Ingrid’s hens were available as egg warmer embroidery kits. In Scandinavian homes, these hens would be brought out at Easter celebration, or on display all year. The playful figures that Ingrid designed charms one generation after the other, and we are so very glad to be able to release this little hen into the wild again after so many years. 

With the reprinting on contemporary linen, we have chosen a fabric slightly larger than the original, to allow for some adjustment in case you like to make something else with this design. 

In the contemporary kit you will receive two sheets of beautiful linen fabric,
circa 37.50 cm wide, and 70 cm long.
One of the panels will be printed with the hen outline and stitch marks, one will be for the lining. 

A set of linen threads in 7 colours, 10 skeins in total, and three chenille needles is included in this kit. 

We have found a very rare, complete sheet of the original stitch chart, and a full size copy of the chart will be included with your kit.

This particular stitch chart is very special to the Nordiska Archive as it has an additional stitch guide on the reverse, with three more designs to embroider:
a tea cosy, a table runner, and a place mat. This particular sheet will only be available once, after which it will be made into four separate kits. 

The colours for both the fabric and the threads will be different from the original 60's hen, and you will need to decide where to add your colours using the original chart as a guide for light and dark shades.

We are currently stitching up samples of the contemporary egg warmer, and will include notes on how to make it as close to the original as possible. 

The padding is not included, and you will need to find cardboard for the egg warmers underside separately. 

Included is also a stitch card, showing the 24 common linen embroidery stitches used by Nordiska in their embroidery designs. 

The last two photos shows the finished hen, in two different colourways. One is from the 1960's, the other contemporary.