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Duck Egg Floral Wheel 5962 (1960)
Duck Egg Floral Wheel 5962 (1960)
Duck Egg Floral Wheel 5962 (1960)
Duck Egg Floral Wheel 5962 (1960)

Duck Egg Floral Wheel 5962 (1960)

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Nordiska of Gothenburg, 1960
Designer: Ingrid Bjernefors Dahlman
Original name: Tablett 5962 
Original colour: Blue linen with linen threads in blue, purple, green and white. 

Designed in 1960 by Nordiska of Gothenburg, Table Mat 5962 was originally printed on a 32 x 32 cm linen cloth called Hälsningelinne.
The design itself measures 25 cm in diameter. 

We have reprinted this simple and beautiful Swedish design as a kit to make a 45 x 45 cm cushion.  It would of course also be lovely as a table mat, as it was intended to become back in the 60's. 

Included in this set is: 

A 100% linen cloth, 50 x 100 cm, just enough material to make a 45 x 45 cm cushion. 
8 skeins of contemporary linen threads
One (1) chenille needle on a vintage paper cut
A stitch card showing the 24 most common 60's linen embroidery stitches,
(this card is an exact copy of Nordiska's 60's stitch card, once written on a typewriter in Gothenburg by the director himself). 
The other card shows a drawing of this design as it was found in the Nordiska Embroidery Archive, with a brief history of it's origins and named stitches. 

The original pattern instructions have not yet been found, we are searching for them and hope to find a copy of the original sheet one day. 
The drawing card shows what stitches were used, and you can easily follow the shades of light and dark when you decide where to add your colours. 

Linen always look best if it isn't washed, and we recommend keeping it as it is, just as Nordiska did in the 1960's. 

We hope you will love this Nordiska treasure just as much as we do!