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Nordiska Bouquet 7921 (1963)
Nordiska Bouquet 7921 (1963)
Nordiska Bouquet 7921 (1963)
Nordiska Bouquet 7921 (1963)
Nordiska Bouquet 7921 (1963)
Nordiska Bouquet 7921 (1963)

Nordiska Bouquet 7921 (1963)

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New from the Nordiska Archive! 

Designer: Unknown
Original name: Bukett / Vepa 7921
Original colour: Brown linen with linen threads in green, pink, white, red, peach and purple. 

Designed in 1963 by Nordiska of Gothenburg,

Vepa 7921 was originally printed on a 43 x 51 cm linen cloth called Moralinne. 

We have reprinted this simple and beautiful Swedish design on a 50 x 60 cm linen panel. 

The design itself measures 30.5 x 37 cm

Included in this set is: 

- Hand printed 100% linen 50 x 60 cm, slightly larger and a little bit paler brown than the 1960's version. 

- A box set of 18 skeins of contemporary linen threads, very close to the original 1960s shades. 
The original design used 20 colours, with some colours used very sparingly.
The embroidered image on the front listing page is a 60's original, and the linen skeins in the box is what we have put together from our contemporary range of linen embroidery threads. 

- A chenille needle on a vintage paper cut

- A stitch card showing the 24 most common 60's linen embroidery stitches.
This card is an exact copy of Nordiska's 60's stitch card which was included in most kits back then too. This card was once written on a typewriter in Gothenburg by the director himself.
Only eight stitches were used in Bouquet 7921: stem-, flat-, one sided satin-, chain-, split-, lazy Daisy-, Y-stitch and French knots. 

- The other card shows a photograph of the Bouquet 7921 drawing as it was found in the Nordiska Embroidery Archive, with a brief history of it's origins and named stitches. We also include a postcard with the 1960's original embroidery that we found recently, the same as we show here in the listing. 

- A large copy (25 cm x 35 cm) of the original stitch instructions from the archive is included too. On the poster you can see the drawings of chain stitch, stem stitch etc. The colour coding is from 1963, or even earlier, an interesting detail for thread collectors and Nordiska enthusiasts. This row of colours will also help you with the colour composition: eight pinks, eight greens, a white and a pale peach for the pot, leaves and flowers. 

The large poster drawing we copied is what Nordiska shop customers would have borrowed home to use as a stitch guide, then returned to the store once it was finished.

The reverse side of the original poster shows date stamps from when it was picked up in the Nordiska store, and signed and dated when it was returned.
 It has been taped and the paper is torn, showing that this was a popular pattern sheet to borrow home over many years. We have not edited the photo at all, it shows all the little marks of the original. 

This, like most of the Nordiska Archive kits, is for the adventurous beginner or experienced embroiderer who likes to explore, with mostly common stitches but also a few unusual ones. We are sure this will be an enjoyable journey for whoever loves these potted florals from the past. 

Linen always look best if it isn't washed, and we recommend keeping it as it is, just as Nordiska did in the 1960's. The printed lines are permanent as in the 60's too, and should be embroidered over. 

We hope you will love this Nordiska treasure as much as we do!