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White Antique Linen Box
White Antique Linen Box
White Antique Linen Box
White Antique Linen Box

White Antique Linen Box

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A boxed set of our finest lustrous linen threads, antique, vintage and contemporary.
Eight boxes are available. The small fabrics in each box vary and we have added a special in each box. 


Two skeins of fine antique lace linen, early 1900s
One Knox’s linen lace thread LC30

1 x Fine Linen, 30 meter
2 x Linen white and cream, 14 meter each

1 x Mid century DMC linen lace thread
1 x Mid century skein of Swedish linen

1 x Knox’s of Kilbirnie lustrous linen embroidery thread

1 x Linen thread on card, vintage
A mid century thimble
1 x Twist of Swedish strong and smooth linen

A hank of linen for bookbinding or canvas work, c 1940s

Chenille needles and a Japanese vintage pin
1960s press studs on a card

Two full spools of Swedish linen from 1962. One fine one stranded
Various textiles from the 60s or older, in total more than A4 in size.

The paper box itself is a Linblomman or Nordiska linen box, gift wrapped with a postcard from Fotofolio.