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Pale Pink Whimsical Flora Kit (1959)
Pale Pink Whimsical Flora Kit (1959)
Pale Pink Whimsical Flora Kit (1959)

Pale Pink Whimsical Flora Kit (1959)

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Whimsical Flora / Tablett 5961 

Infrid Bjernefors-Dahlman for Nordiska, late 1950’s. 

Included in this kit is:
- Linen, printed by hand in Sweden
The fabric measures 40 x 37 cm, and the printed design itself is 19 x 18 cm. 

- 5 skeins of linen embroidery threads in the original green, blue and white of the design. 

- A chenille needle size 22

- A stitch card with the 24 common 1960’s stitches 

- A card with a copy of the pattern drawing made prior to production of the kits and a brief history of the design origins.


Whimsical Flora / Tablett 5961 from the NIAB embroidery archive was originally printed on pale linen and embroidered with 4 shades of linen thread,
green and blue.
So far, the pattern chart for this kit has not been found, and you will need to decide where to add the colours and
stitches, using this card as reference.

The stitches used are:
stem stitch - satin stitch - lazy Daisy stitch