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Rosa Linen Treasure Box
Rosa Linen Treasure Box
Rosa Linen Treasure Box
Rosa Linen Treasure Box
Rosa Linen Treasure Box
Rosa Linen Treasure Box

Rosa Linen Treasure Box

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Here is a soft, bright and dusty pink collection of our favourite threads, a series of 12, all packed in a beautiful mid century linen thread box from Marks of Sweden. 

The boxes were made between the 1940's and 1960's, all vary slightly and show signs of age. We have a very small lot of these boxes left. 

In this box you will find: 

- A skein of very beautiful quality variegated linen thread, 50+ meter. The thread is smooth and strong, and very beautiful. 

- A 1960's linen skein, one hemstitch which is a rare stranded linen, 10 meter if you use it as it is, of 40 meter if fully stranded. In the old kits from the 60's, designs often combines regular weight embroidery linen with three strands of the hemstitch linen. This dusty pink is from Linblomman. 

- Four contemporary linen embroidery skeins. All of these are 14 meter per skein. 

- An unusual Swedish vintage cotton skein called Hallandsgarn, likely especially produces for traditional Hallandssöm that uses this pink and a soft blue. It's worth exploring: a very beautiful traditional embroidery style with roots in the 17th century. 

- One vintage skein of Coton a Broder from DMC
- One mouline cotton skein, 8 meter.
- One skein of Danish Flowerthread, in production since the 1920's (this skein is brand new) 
- One art silk, vintage. The brand and shades vary in each box, some are paper wrapped skeins from the early 1900's, some are on card from the 1930's or around there. 

Three chenille needles on a 1960's embroidery paper cut: size 20, 22 and 24. 

Pieces of Donegal tweed and a small feedsack scrap, 1940's. The patterns on these vary in each box. Two quilt blocks in the shape of stars are included. 

A spool with remnant thread, either cotton or linen. These vary in each box. 

One vintage embroidery transfer, each box has a different pattern, so this Treasure Box is for anyone who likes surprises. 

The box will come gift wrapped in tissue paper and soft pink cotton bias. 

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