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Collection: May Nordiska News

Our latest patterns from The Nordiska Archive: 
For May we wanted to bring out more Florals and smaller kit as so many of you have asked for. More requests are always welcome! 

This collection is for PRE-orders
we produce the kits after all the orders are in. 

The timeline for May Nordiska news is as follows: 

- The design drawings are done, and the workshop is already working on the print set up. 

3-4th of May: we start to cut fabric, print, pack, make the thread sets and then pack and ship to everyone. 

Estimated: just 1-2 weeks waiting time for this collection. 

Shipping dates will be 10th to 17th of May. It looks like this will be very swift this time, with all the materials in the UK but please also allow for the normal life happenings that can cause anyone a delay. 

Always email hello@studioflax.co.uk for any questions, we'll be quick to reply, I am happy to say! 


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  • Smörblomma / Buttercup (1960s)
    Smörblomma / Buttercup (1960s)
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  • Rowanberry Wings (1960s)
    Rowanberry Wings (1960s)
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