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Nordiska Sunflower (1964) Panel (with threads)
Nordiska Sunflower (1964) Panel (with threads)
Nordiska Sunflower (1964) Panel (with threads)
Nordiska Sunflower (1964) Panel (with threads)
Nordiska Sunflower (1964) Panel (with threads)

Nordiska Sunflower (1964) Panel (with threads)

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Nordiska of Gothenburg, 1964

Designer: Ingegerd Hyltén-Cavallius 

Original name: Blommor och Blader 8527 (Sunflowers 8527)
Original colour: Soft brown with orange, yellow, green, brown and pink linen threads. 

Sunflowers 8527 was designed by Ingegerd Hyltén-Cavallius in 1964, 
the first design by talented Ingegerd that we bring out from the Nordiska archive.

In the 60's, Sunflowers was a kit for a very small cushion, just 26 x 48 cm. 

For the contemporary kit we have kept the design exactly the same size as the original, only printed it on a larger piece of linen to allow for today's cushion sizes. 

This kit includes:

-  100% linen fabric, 50 x 60 cm
The linen is hand cut and hand printed in Sweden. 

- A set of linen threads in 7 colours, 10 skeins in total.

- A handy stitch card
- A chenille needle

- A very rare, complete sheet of the original stitch chart,  A3 size. 

The colour/stitch instruction sheet is an exact copy of the 1964 original, we have not changed a thing. The colour chart instructed us how much yarn to add to the kit, and we have three yellows and two greens, just as the original. The dark brown and pink are easy to see where to use too. 

Please choose where you like to add your light and dark shades of the yellow and greens, to make your own personal best version of Ingegerd's Sunflowers. 

The stitch to use is clearly marked out in the drawing as you can see here in the listing. Chain stitch is drawn as a chain stitch etc.
Make the stitches long or short depending on your own preferences. 

A beginner can easily embroider this kit, especially if you enjoy improvising. 

The photos above shows the contemporary cushion, the threads included, and the last picture is an original 1964 cushion found at an auction house in Sweden.