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#502 Nordiska Bouquet linen cushion kit
#502 Nordiska Bouquet linen cushion kit
#502 Nordiska Bouquet linen cushion kit
#502 Nordiska Bouquet linen cushion kit
#502 Nordiska Bouquet linen cushion kit

#502 Nordiska Bouquet linen cushion kit

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Nordiska of Gothenburg, 1960's
Designer: Ingrid Bjernefors Dahlman
Name: Cushion 5183 "Rosa Bukett"
Original colour: Red/Brown with pink and white florals. 

Originally a small cushion of 34 x 34 cm, 
we have printed Ingrid's Rosa Bukett on a pure linen sheet, 100 cm x 50 cm, to make a complete cushion of 45 x 45 cm. 
The linen colour is our most popular linen #502, an eggshell like pale blue/green. 

We have collected some but not all pieces of this design: 

The original drawing with the thread samples is saved in the Nordiska Archive, the original instructional sheet, translated into both English and German from the Swedish original was found recently at an auction and brought into the archive. It has a rare clear stitch guide on the reverse. 
 A. copy of this will be included in the kit together with all the linen threads, a stitch card, three chenille needles, a card with the original drawing pictured and a brief history of the designs origins. 

Six stitches are used in this kit: 

Stem stitch, satin stitch, chain stitch, y-stitch, lazy Daisy stitch and French knots.

This is a good kit for anyone who likes to have exact instructions of how to embroider the Nordiska 60's designs, all needed is to decide where to add the linen thread colours as these are slightly different from the Nordiska original.  

We may make this into a panel or table cloth further on, and you can of course cut the fabric yourself to make a panel instead. Please note that the fabric is hand cut, and the printing is centred to make a 45 x 45 cushion, but there will still be a little extra material on one of the sides.

When this design was copied, a few small human errors were made: there is a half leaf and a few small details missing from the screen print, half a tiny leaf at the lower end, the extra stitches are very easy to add though. We will include an extra thread card with linen for this kit, and box for the threads as a gift to you.