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Apple Tree, 1962 Original green (without threads)
Apple Tree, 1962 Original green (without threads)

Apple Tree, 1962 Original green (without threads)

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Nordiska of Gothenburg, 1962
Designer: Ingegerd Hyltén-Cavallius
Name: 7414 Apple Tree
Original colour: Green linen with orange, pink, red, green, brown linen threads.

This set includes: 

50 X 50 cm Linen panel 

Full instructional sheet

Stitch card 

A picture of the 1960’s drawing Apple Tree from the Nordiska Archive With a brief history of it’s origins 

Apple Tree was designed by Ingegerd Hyltén-Cavallius in 1962

Ingegerd started young at Nordiska of Gothenburg, and worked her whole life as a professional visual artist, furthering her education in textiles, graphics, watercolour and enamel.  

Nordiska classic Apple Tree, which was also sold through The Needlewoman Shop in London in the 60's, is the second design by Ingegerd that we republish from the Nordiska archive.

With the reprinting on contemporary linen, we have chosen a fabric larger than the original. In the 60's, Sunflowers was a kit for a small cushion, only 12" x 12" cm. 

In the contemporary kit, we have kept the print the same size as the original, printed on a 50 x 50 cm panel. The Apple Tree design itself is 30 cm tall, and 29cm wide. 

The photographs here show the kit, the original drawing with date stamps on the back, the 60's linen colours, and a page from The Needlewoman Shop Catalogue from 1968.

On this page you can also see other designs from the collection chosen by The Needlewoman Shop from Nordiska of Gothenburg.
We have reprinted some, and hope to recreate the entire collection one day.